Client Testimonials



September 2018

I am very pleased to recommend Ezreena Scott to be a service provider for Residential Schools Counselling Program. I cannot say enough about Ezreena and what she has meant to me and my family. 

My nephew, daughter and I were clients of Ezreena’s and worked on several key issues. So, we got to know her very well during this time. We are First Nations who have each experienced a lot of trauma in our lives. We have gone to many counsellors over the years and none have helped us as much as Ezreena has. She cares deeply, is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping people heal. We found the variety of techniques she uses to be amazingly helpful and life changing. Trauma changed each of us and we lost our way in different ways. My hope for true healing was restored when I could see the big differences in not only myself, but my nephew and daughter as well. The following are a few of the many changes we have noticed. I have a lot of health issues and deal with complicated, stressful situations on a regular basis. Not only personally but within my family as well. Through working with Ezreena I noticed that I was no longer triggered by dates, places and people that normally reminded me of traumatic experiences. I was able to function better mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. My nephew was struggling in school. His mom received multiple calls from the school saying that he wasn’t listening or participating and at times having angry outbursts. After working with Ezreena he is thriving in school. His confidence has increased, and both his anxiety and fears have decreased. My daughter suffered from severe anxiety and depression and was unable to cope well in every day life. Her anxiety caused her to miss out on a lot. Now she has greatly improved. She is venturing out more and is very passionate and committed to her spirituality and her overall well being. She is drawing more and would like to Fancy Dance again. We did a lot of soul stretching and have all made drastic improvements. We are coping better, happier, laughing more and enjoying life more than we have in a long time. 

So, as you can see I have many reasons to give Ezreena the highest recommendation. With her abilities and dedication, I know she will be an incredible asset to you.


August 2018

This letter is a reference letter for Ezreena Scott who I have met in a training (Accessing the BARS), she offered to our band, the Osoyoos Indian Band. 

I first want to tell you a bit about me, I was born and raised on the reserve; my mom was non-status until she married my father and being status she said she was not able to go to residential school. My father was raised by his mother and he had chosen to go to Cranbrook Residential School.  I am not sure how long he went. I had many relatives who did not have choice that went from our community.  I left my community when I was 13 to go to the Mormon Program and at 16; l went to Kamloops Residential School for 4 months.  In my time as a child there was a lot of alcoholism and abuses in our communities in our nation as we fell away from our cultures and our elders teaching as well as we were losing our language and the land as we knew it.  It was not an easy time for most of us and I had a lot of hate and was depressed as well as suicidal and carried a lot of shame. Then I started to learn about healing and I knew I had to change or I would just pass all this down to our children. The journey began and I did a lot of things to help myself on the journey of wellness: treatment, psycho-drama, reading books, counselling, choices, drug & alcohol courses, workshops, learning more about culture, took a language course, brain gym, SOI, one section of touch for health, Shiatsu, and the Bars.  

I will be 60 this year, and I sit on the Okanagan Nation’s Residential School committee and I am always looking for ways to help us heal our traumas. As we have had some suicides in our communities and the drugs are increasing as well as mental illness from the drug use. I see so much later violence in our businesses and other diseases are starting to manifest as our energy is low and hope is darkening.  I do my best to help where I can in our community. 

Then when Ezreena came to our community to teach us this new tool, BARS, I was a bit skeptical as I never heard of it before but since I am curious by nature I knew I had to go. I did not know what to expect and I thought we would start off on theory and then do some hands-on. To my surprise we had an introduction and we went right into the hands-on. I consider myself somewhat intuitive and as I started to do the Bars on my niece I was blown away by the colours I had seen and the energy I was experiencing as her energy expanded and how confident her energy felt. I felt my niece's joy and love for life and I could not believe this was the same girl who tried many times to leave this world. Then it was my turn on the table and as the Bars were being done on me I felt so much energy move and one color I see in the sweat lodge is this light green colour which is toxic and it was coming up and being devoured by the other colours and I felt the movement of energy throughout my body. I felt my energy expanding and this reminded me of times I had done some good healing work like the psycho-drama. I could feel the clearness in my mind and the sharpness of it. I felt some pain in parts of body but in a short time as it was devoured by the colors of the energy and released. I also felt my energy level rising. I was so relaxed and at peace.  We ran the Bars again and by the time our session was over I felt so much peace and confidence and clarity and my body did not hurt as much as I was walking out to my car but I knew I would need to do a few more sessions to clear more things.  

What I also like about this is it is an easy training course and with practice you get more confident and you work at taking out the limitation that this is not about you but the client and I find myself trying to listen to the body and what the body is wanting and as Ezreena said, “How does it get any better than this?”  

I found her very approachable as an instructor and answered our questions and she said she would send us an email of more information and if we had questions she was open to respond.  She was very supportive through the process and helped us put our fingers close to the spots and reminded us to ask the client or just asked the body if our positioning was correct.  

I have worked with one client and done the Bars on them and I am hoping to set up another two before the month is over. I am looking at doing the Bars with our children as there is some trauma there as well as physical ailments and after my experience with Bars, I believe this will help them clear out those limitations we tend to put on ourselves, those things we attract to us that no longer serve us. What I like about the Bars is when you have clients or family who don’t want to talk things out, you are able to work with them with no conversation and they feel results.  Also, with Bars, once you have the training you can start right away working with others and passing on the good medicine and with our band we had 8 trained and so we can spread the medicine to more people. 

I would recommend Bars training to all bands as one of the questions asked, “what if today could be the beginning of something different?”  Just what if we all got along in our work place, in our families and in our communities; what if we loved ourselves again; just imagine the feelings and energy that would exist. 


August 2017  

Before I started therapy with Ezreena I believed I was a positive person.... then I realized how negative I was....... and how much I actually didn't like myself – which we soon cleared up!!!!

I experienced a major trauma and went through stages of hurt, sadness, anger, pain and unworthiness. I had to look at my unhealthy coping mechanisms, which included patterns of drinking alcohol (like my alcoholic father) and unhealthy behavioural patterns (like my mother's gambling).

I would look at myself in the mirror.... and not like who / what I saw. I had anger simmering beneath the surface that I wasn't even aware was there.....let alone aware of how it was affecting me.

Although I had resistance in looking at the trauma I am extremely grateful that I did. Ezreena facilitated, in a non-judgemental environment, this gentle yet effective process that allowed me to acknowledge and process all the thoughts and feelings.

She used psychological techniques which included 'unblocking' the trauma, an energy process called the BARS (from Access Consciousness) which allowed me to shift with greater ease, and energy body processes to help unlock the trauma stored in my body so that my body could fully heal. She used other tools as well!

I am feeling way more positive and I have increased awareness of who I am and why I do what I do; and with this increased awareness I make healthier choices.

Some of this triggered some suppressed childhood issues which has also cleared (how does it get better than that?)

I have benefited so much from the work I have been doing with Ezreena. These include:

~ diffused strong emotions that were keeping me stuck (and I wasn't even aware of it!)

~ I am now more positive

~ I like who I see when I look in the mirror

~ I like and appreciate my body!

~ I eliminated anger from my life!

~ I have reduced my drinking alcohol considerably

~ I finally feel JOY and I feel like a million bucks!!!!

One piece of advice...... you may not feel like going to therapy.... but those are the days that I got the most progress..... stuff was simmering beneath the surface and Ezreena helped un-suppress it! Now I feel better and function better!




March 2017

​I was referred to Ezreena a few months ago by a co-worker because I was experiencing a long-standing feeling of heaviness and borderline depression after a complicated breakup. I had anxiety and had tried everything that I knew how to help get myself out of this funk, including meditation, seeing a naturopath as well as other counsellors. After the first session, I felt that I had finally found the doorway which would let me out from under this heaviness I was feeling. I surprised myself by sharing things with her that I have never been able to tell anyone – and this was just the first session! Since then, not only do I feel light and happy, we are now able to work on the deeper layers of my feelings, habits and emotions. We are clearing out old habits, false beliefs and negativity, allowing for new and positive experiences. I did not expect anything to happen quickly, and thought it would take months to get anywhere - so I was in for a complete surprise when there were obvious changes in my relationships and the ways I dealt with people in my life almost immediately. Every time I see her, I experience profound changes in my life that I just can’t explain. Ezreena is compassionate, understanding and non-judgemental. She allows the space for me to be completely open and vulnerable – or not if you aren’t into it that day! She has a wide variety of techniques (many of them are very unique) that she uses for different situations and is obviously passionate about what she does. I can’t say enough about her and would highly recommend her to anyone I meet!  


March 2017

I came to Ezreena for help at an all-time low when depression and anxiety ruled my life. I struggle with low self-worth and this came across as me needing someone else to validate my decisions and tell me how to live my life. I went to counselling regularly for almost a year and Ezreena ran my BARS {an electromagnetic process}, used biomimetic mimicry and clearing techniques on me. She gave me some homework between sessions. 

8 months after stopping regular sessions I came back for a different issue. Everyone in my life has noticed a difference in me since starting counselling with Ezreena. But the biggest difference was still to come. At my first session back with her it hit me: I externalize my problems and try to make other people responsible for my issues.  I had a physical response to this realization. I finally know I have to take responsibility for my decisions. 

I cannot thank Ezreena enough for her continued encouragement and guidance. I have always felt supported and I have never felt judged. In working with Ezreena I realized that I have power and control over my life, and I can fight and win against my demons! 


Jan 2017

"I began seeing Ezreena in early October 2016 as I was suffering from anxiety. Having struggled in the past to connect with other counsellors, I was hesitant to begin the journey with yet another one. However, Ezreena provided, and continues to provide, the most uplifting and positive experience every session. Her calming, non judgmental, and professional demeanour allowed me to recognize the roots of my anxiety and the breadth and depth of her knowledge, experience, and techniques allowed for my body to begin to heal and unblock the negativity. She is a one of a kind counsellor who truly cares about her clients and their well-being and is able to offer a variety of techniques to help achieve your goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking personal development and/or help in any aspects of their lives! She is absolutely amazing!" 


Jan 2017 

Ezreena really listens and hones in on the root cause of one's suffering and sheds awareness through the use of her intuition and many different engaging techniques. Before I came to see her, I operated from a victim mindset, feeling like I had no control over what was happening around me. After working with Ezreena I am happy to say I am no longer consumed by depression, anxiety, and despair. I am now well aware that every belief I have is a choice and I see challenges as an opportunity to rethink and rework a pattern that no longer serves me. My self esteem, self image, beliefs in my abilities and relationships has changed significantly for the better. I feel so much more balanced in life and in my relationships and I am empowered to choose communication over reaction! Ezreena is an astounding counsellor. I am eternally grateful to her for helping me see my life in a new light.  



Feb 2017

So I want more {counselling}. I'm hungry for it. What a shift. I feel different today. I can actually "see" the sorrow / mistrust and more easily choose another way.... but simply observing is amazing. I also don't feel it there so much today. It's different. I think this is where the real work is starting. I also talked to my friend whom is also seeing you and she is so on board: we have so much fun reflecting! I cannot believe it took this long for my body and spirit to feel safe enough to go there {deeper layers}. It's because I've been so good at judging myself out of protection and that is ok! I choose differently now. I am moving forward positively and I'm ready for the next step. It's like I can actually see inside this beautiful golden gate into a garden of beauty and ease, not that it will always be so, but now I'm just happy I can see the entry in my mind's eye instead of before just feeling it is there, but searching.... where? So nice. I feel boundaries easier to settle, and the reasons for them as important  too, not to be justified or thrown aside either, but to set and release. Talk about fear of moving forward hey, if this is only the edge of what is to come - I'm on that ship now as its sailing. 


Jan 2017

​I had more than my share of betrayal in relationships. The pace of betrayal continued until it was all around me. I couldn't take any more, so I sought Ezreena's help. Through BARS and other techniques, I unpeeled the layers that buried my subconscious motivations for creating sabotage in toxic relationships. I was engineering it, grooming it, and cultivating it with adept skill. The reason for it became clear - I had been heavily betrayed by my mother. With her no longer alive, I needed an outlet to express (and justify) my feelings of rage and anger towards those who betray me. Problem was, there wasn't betrayal in my life, so I put forth a lot of energy to cultivate it. Once I identified that I was an architect in my own suffering, I was able to take the charge off of my feelings of betrayal and forgive those who participated in my toxic dance. I see the world in a whole new way - no longer the victim and free of having it surround me so I could complain about it.  


Sep 2016

Okay thanks so much for today. holy crap you are amazing. I kinda thought it was not going to do anything but I feel so good now its insane!!! 


Aug 2016

​​Before I went to my first session with Ezreena I didn't know what to expect going in. It being my first time seeing someone for counseling I was pretty nervous, but that feeling was 
quickly defused by how she conducts her sessions. A no judgement, no negative influences, always positive and leaves you feeling good about who you are. The environment of her office is a calming and comforting place to come and work through what you're seeking. After leaving that session I couldn't help this feeling of knowing I will reach my goals with her help. Such a kind and gentle hearted individual, with knowledge and insight that was very astounding.
The body processing and methods She uses may seem confusing and out there at first, but I can say with certainty that this is an efficient way to provide the positives outcomes desired.
I cannot say enough how grateful I am too have found Ezreena and how much happier of a person I have become since I started working with her!  




Greater Ease    (2016)

Suffering from many limiting beliefs that were causing a lot of dysfunction, stress, and low energy in my life I sought out a counsellor to help me release my destructive patterns. I was immediately drawn to Ezreena and we started working together. We quickly progressed from talking about my struggles to actually working through the underlying sources of my problems that were causing the physical realities. Through work such as EMDR, TIR, and the BARS to reset subconscious limiting beliefs, we released and changed many unconscious beliefs that I had that caused me to perpetuate them as a reality in my life. 

 I noticed major changes in my life which came with more ease rather than trying to force them to happen such as: the ability to deal with stress more appropriately, taking care of myself physically, emotionally, and mentally without necessarily trying to make myself do it, the ability to perform well and have confidence at work, attracting in more healthy relationships, both romantic and platonic, overall increase in health and physical release of a lot of emotions that had been stored in my body causing physical pain.  Through these processes my life has been in much more of a natural flow and I can excel more easily at life, I have more energy, and am overall much happier.


"A truly professional and skilled counsellor..."    (2009)

"When there comes to a Professional and highly skilled councillor, and a truly compassionate, understanding and caring person,in my experience there is no better then Ezreena. Putting a person at ease and using the proper methods of treatment to accomplish successful and quick breakthroughs Ezreena has done for me,and I know she can for anyone who is seeking her help. I will always be grateful for her!!!!Thank-you Ezreena for your skills and talents and for just being you-which is a wonderful person!!" 


"Therapeutic counselling at its best..."   (2009)

"There comes a time when one wonders where to look for help. If you have stumbled upon Ezreena Draper Scott, then look no further!! She is the one to help you with your problems - your thoughts, your fears, your issues. All of it can be worked out with the variety of counselling skills employed by Ms. Scott and with the grace, calm, and reassurance of what she practices with her clients behind her, fear not what she has to offer. You will be amazed and forever thankful!! I know I was and still am..."


"Thank you so much Ezreena! " (2009)

"In my experiences with Ezreena, she demonstrated compassion, understanding, and consideration. She never once made me feel uncomfortable or embarassed. I highly reccomend her for anyone who wants to be better inside and out! Thanks again Ezreena!"




Emetophobia (fear of vomiting)

Trichotillomania (hair pulling)

Alopoecea (hair falling out)

Professional athletes wanting to heal injuries and improve thinking patterns

Physical and emotional healing from car accidents

Childhood sexual abuse

Cancer, surgeries, abortions, hysterectomies



Client testimonials and Counselling benefits:

Wreckage    (2013)

Many of you are still hurting. Many of you still feel unfilled voids that were once filled.

Some may wonder what went wrong and are looking for someone to blame. Many have already determined who they wish to blame.

 When all the anger has simmered to a howl inside ---- when the dust has settled -----when the storm of emotions has quelled to some extent ----- when the sun, which hung so low for so long, has made its turn as part of natures plan, and begins its rise once more -----that is when you finally get a glimpse of Ground Zero ----- and you realize in a powerful way ----- that you are surrounded by wreckage.

 But how does one pick up the pieces from a miss-adventure of such vast proportions? How can you rescue the small drowning figure inside your heart that was once your innocence? How can you redeem past precious moments that have been stolen, it seems, from your very mind, and replaced with bitter memories?

 Not every day is as hard as it once was. Time has passed, and Father Time does his very best to fade out the disturbances which were once quite noisy within your mind. But still ------there is a faint whisper that never quite leaves ------a treacherous little voice that does its best to undermine your potential contentment ------memories of what “was” quietly wrestle with realizations of what “is” ----- reminders of the ones you have loved (still love?), the triumphs you shared, and the hard times you weathered together ------it can haunt you -------it can disturb your peace ------it is drawn to the wreckage.

 Some have felt adrift ---- a rudderless little raft tossed about by the ocean ------having no sense of control or direction. You grasp for meaning and for something real and good ----ANYTHING REAL AND GOOD will suffice!

Does it exist?

I believe so.

 I believe if you have pondered these things for this long that you have goodness in you.

 If you didn’t, you wouldn’t care so much and you wouldn’t feel so much.

 I’m writing you this letter to tell you something that is very important:

 None of this is your fault.

You are not to blame.

 You did not create this wreckage.

 It’s time to let go.

 It’s time to say goodbye.

 Only then can you be truly free.

 Only then can you clear the wreckage at Ground Zero and start to build again.

 Live fully.


Aftershock   (2013)


It could be a proverbial time bomb going off in your life. It could be a symbolic tsunami generated by an earthquake of emotion that has shaken you to the very core of your being ---- shattering your belief systems in a single tremor.

 One thing is for sure. Your life will never be the same again. The security you once felt so completely is gone forever. There is no turning back. Only a quivering inside begging you to find the courage to hold on to what it is that you still believe is real.

 There is no Hero left to save you now. It’s you versus the world. Much worse ---- it’s you versus yourself, and sometimes it feels like you are losing that battle.

 Nevertheless, there is something deep down beneath that quivering child within ---- it refuses to give up. It is buried too deep within you to communicate with you directly, but it sends up flares of defiance into your inner psyche. You feel it surge up inside you like a mother bear that has been separated from her precious cubs. This primordial remnant of something ancient that has allowed your ancestors to survive the harshest of conditions is there. And, make no mistake, it is a fighter.

 This very fierce version of you rises up and gives you the strength to survive the impact.

 Then it quietly disappears from whence it came and leaves you to deal with the smaller aftershocks that inevitably come after an impact of these proportions.

 Sometimes the aftershocks are concussive and seem relatively easy to identify and ward off with all that you have learned.

 At other times these aftershocks are more subtle and sneak up on you when you are least aware of it.

 Sometimes it seems that these aftershocks will never end. They wear on you like water dripping ever so persistently. You feel overwhelmed and frustrated and on the verge of giving up all together.

 That is when you look inside and remember why it is that you have come to this place where you are.

 The love that has carried you this far should never be forgotten.

 It is easy to feel un-empowered by your mistakes ---and let’s face it….you’ve made a few doozies.

 It would be easy to give up. To quit this ridiculous battle once and for all.

 ..Butyou won’t do that, will you?

 The warrior within you sleeps, but affects you daily with its quiet determination and resolve.

 ..Knowwho you are.

 Fight for what you love…..even if you are bleeding deep inside.

 The aftershocks will never stop.

 But neither will you.