Counselling Techniques Used



A meditative process that clears limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. By removing these beliefs clients can then connect more easily mind-body-spirit and start creating their lives differently! ThetaHealing is using the theta vibration to access the subconscious to release and change beliefs and programmes that are limiting you..... those that you don't even know are limiting you! When cleared, you are open to manifesting what you truly desire! 

​This is a process that produces healing on mental, emotional and even physical levels



A very efficient and effective technique that helps resolve disturbing incidents and trauma, which when not resolved, compromises one's coping ability

When the client's eyes follow a moving object (my fingers), it alternately stimulates the right and left hemispheres of the brain allowing the information (disturbing incident) to be fully processed and therefore complete, emotionally-discharged and reconciled

For clients whom prefer to close their eyes, I use a different form of bi-lateral stimulation: the client holds two small 'paddles' which vibrate. The left paddle will vibrate which sends a signal up the left arm, stimulating the right hemisphere of the brain. Then the right paddle will vibrate which sends a signal up the right arm, stimulating the left hemisphere of the brain. What this does is gets information 'unstuck' so that it can be fully processed and then resolved, mentally, emotionally and physically

 Often there are physical sensations that have been stored in the body so when the disturbing incident has been fully processed the body releases the sensations (stuck pain) as well 



CBT is a very practical and effective approach in addressing one's issues by illuminating patterns of thinking and behaviour which lead to emotional responses

​Examining the internal dialogue of a client we can see how one's thoughts create a particular feeling which then can lead to a behaviour, which in turn reinforces the original thought; this cycle perpetuates the issue!

An event itself is not disturbing until we put meaning (thought) to the event

CBT examines one's negative thoughts and inaccurate assumptions and helps to correct the mis-interpretations / mis-representations that we apply

Simply put:

we "catch" the thought

we "challenge" the thought 

we "change" the thought

​These tools can be applied anywhere at any time. When we release the negative thoughts we can choose new ones. It is like new "programming"

**{One young man believed he was stupid. When I ran a CBT technique...... the emotion that had accumulated from years of believing he was stupid, had surfaced. After purging the sorrow he was then able to see the ways in which he was smart! That evening he texted me "this is the first time I can remember going to bed at night and my brain didn't say "I am stupid". 3 months later he reported that the thought doesn't even enter his mind. The thought that "I am smart" has replaced it!}**



Past traumas retain their emotional charge and continue their adverse effect until the incident has been fully confronted and processed. Once resolved, the incident will no longer have the power to cause pain and suffering to the person. If there is a negative response to a memory this means the incident was not fully confronted and processed – it is a clue for the person to go back and heal something. 

 A string of unresolved incidents can have accumulative effects which present as symptoms of anxiety, anger, depression, grief, fear etc. 

While re-telling a disturbing or traumatic incident several times, the client is able to fully process and discharge any emotional response that has been stuck as well as re-frame the event, allowing psychological, emotional and physical healing

**{One young man was referred to me because he could not get "over" the death of his sister. Knowing that he was stuck on "how" his sister had died I chose to run TIR. After several "run-throughs" he spontaneously came to the realization that he was now ready to let it go and move on with his life...... and still keep the loving memory of her!}**

Life Stress Reduction and Unblocking are a series of questions designed to get you thinking differently about a topic with the intention to remove emotional pain, resistance and confusion, bringing clients to a place of greater clarity and ease in relation to that issue. These questions are intentionally repeated in order to "un-suppress" all the details, leaving clients feeling lighter

**{So many clients come to me with a "hot topic" that causes much distress, including a person or broken relationship. This one lady had an estranged relationship with her son; for several years they hadn't seen each other nor spoken to each other. She finally agreed to the process of "unblocking".  At the end of the session I said "now don't be surprised if you hear from your son". She scoffed. That afternoon while working on her computer she got a Facebook message from her son apologizing for not being in contact and asking if she wanted to get together! }**  

Clearing the charge created space for the relationship to reconnect




Counselling techniques include EMDR therapy for ptsd, CBT, TIR, The BARS, EFT

While focusing on a disturbing topic or event,  tapping on a sequence of end points on the body's meridians discharges the energy that is keeping  that event "stuck" which allows the client to "re-process" how that incident has been stored, freeing them from the traumatic impact

The client follows a sequence of tapping while holding a picture in mind and / or repeating a phrase that will be re-programmed

**{While working with a lady she had discovered that she had some deep-rooted rage that was surfacing and she didn't have a clue how to address it. I used EFT on her and quickly the rage reduced to anger and the anger reduced to relief. To this day she reports no anger! }**



The BARS is 1.5 hours and is $200

The BARS is an electromagnetic "massage" whereby, when 32 different points on your head are gently touched  BARS of energy are activated and will effortlessly and easily release limitations that are keeping you stuck! 

These limitations include your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, judgements, conclusions and computations..... which are stopping you from greater possibilities!

This process takes 1.5 hours (or longer if you choose) and is very nurturing and relaxing. It is like a computer defragmenting: downloads and deletes programmes - even ones you aren't aware are affecting you!

The 32 topic points include: money, control, creativity, relationships, aging, time, space, body, sexuality, joy, sadness, kindness, gratitude, peace, calm.... and more. How many points of view do you have limiting you?

This process has been reported to immediately reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, change health, improve clarity and a whole lot more! 

Would you like to receive the BARS to create more Ease, Joy & Glory?

**{Here is what people are saying the day after the BARS:

"I get to enjoy today! It's been a while since I got up ready to enjoy the day! There is actually a lot of damage..... arthritis and lots of injuries in my neck and head..... but its gone now! 

During the BARS I experienced the soreness as it was leaving my body! I feel better AND my anxiety has lessened!" CW

"I just can't stop smiling. I feel so light and happy." VM

"The first session I just kept crying! I really didn't know what the underlying issue was. Ezreena suggested running my BARS on the second session, which was very relaxing and super helpful in reducing my anxiety. The 3rd session I had such a clarity about where the anxiety and sorrow was coming from and Ezreena has been helping me clear that ever since! }**

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BODY PROCESSES help to unlock stuff stored in the body. These hands-on processes help heal trauma and injury, release anger, eliminate patterns imprinted  from  our parents, improve menstruation, heal from abortions and hysterectomies and many more:

Addictions/ Aging/ Adrenals/ Arthritis
​Allergies/ Autism/ Auto Immune
Bi-Polar Disorder
Cancer/ Car Accidents
Dementia/ Digestion
Genetic Diseases
​Nervous System
Pain/ Powerlessness
Reproductive/ Respiratory
Schizophrenia/ Sexuality/ STDs
Trauma/ Tumors
And more.........


Couples often have different definitions of topics that can cause difficulty in communication. When we illuminate each person's definitions...... we can improve communication. These topics usually include: respect, honour, sex, trust, relationship / boundaries

Another thing that often causes friction between couples is unconscious patterns, such as manipulation and control. When these are illuminated it allows people to make the changes required to improve the relationship.

When I work with couples I ask them to come in for their first appointment together so that I can hear from each person their version of the issues playing out.

Then I will separate the couple and encourage them to have several individual sessions in order to process their "stuff" that is clashing in the relationship. 

I usually use a process called "Unblocking" so each partner can clear their built-up perceptions of the other so that when I bring the couple back together in a session.... they can then "hear" each other better and respond differently.