Anger Resolution

Resolve NOT manage

Why "manage" your anger when you can "resolve" it?

For what reason would you choose to "manage" the anger (which means it's still there) rather than process the anger so that it isn't there TO mange ~ it's resolved!

What are the topics that create anger for you?

What would it take for you to process that?

How much ease can you have after you have resolved the anger?

What is the anger telling you?

The Process

Anger resolution has you identify the topic that triggers the anger and when you gently confront that issue and "process" it, the anger dissipates. The anger isn't there to manage!


Anger can be the by-product of something that hasn't been fully processed. When you process the "trigger topic" you undo your UNawareness, which means you can "see" what you were not willing to see before. This shifts your perspective. When you shift your perspective the emotions attached to the topic dissipate.

This is far more effective than learning how to "manage" the anger. It's not there TO manage!