*Trauma*Anxiety*Stress*Depression* ~ Kelowna counselling



Ezreena begins the counselling process with a little bit of paperwork and the opportunity for you to share what is going on for you, so that she has a deeper understanding

Then Ezreena helps to identify the main topics and goal of therapy and explains how her approach will help you ~ to make sure it is a good fit for what you are looking for! 

Each subsequent session begins with a brief update since the last appointment (signs of distress or progress) and then using specific methods designed to you get you feeling better and functioning better, you will focus on a topic and process it until it feels resolved

A natural "by-product" of therapeutic counselling and healing body work is a reduction in negative symptoms (such as anxiety & depression), which brought you to counselling

Ezreena provides a quiet, safe, comfortable, confidential and non-judgemental environment which allows you to freely process your thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears and body ailments

During the therapeutic process you may experience:

  • old memories surfacing
  • emotional release
  • physical sensations
  • opportunities to experiment with new behaviours
  • traumatic incidents re-surfacing
  • patterns of behaviours presenting
  • negative thought patterns emerging
  • beliefs that no long serve you
  • smells & sounds associated to past incidents
  • ​anxiety while processing


The first session is usually 1 hour which identifies a need for Anxiety Stress Depression counselling

The second and subsequent sessions are 1 hour or more, depending on the issues being worked on

Trauma stress counselling requires 1.5 hour sessions (and sometimes even longer)

Most clients attend once per week, however, I have had clients request 3 sessions per week (depending on circumstances). When clients report feeling better and functioning better they usually increase the time between sessions

Most sessions are scheduled in the Kelowna Counselling office, however, internet sessions are also available via Skype, Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp for out-of-town clients


Ezreena's Kelowna counselling office, Internet sessions and sometimes other locations to meet client needs (such as hospital or if client is in a wheel chair etc)


Most sessions are one-on-one

When counselling couples Ezreena will first meet with both clients together to get an idea of the problem and then separate the clients to work on their individual issues so that when they come together they can communicate more effectively


In order to reap the benefits of therapeutic counselling clients are required to commit to the process..... which means keep appointments, show up on time and be honest during the process

When suppressed material is stimulated it will bubble up into the conscious awareness and will sometimes present as "irritability". This is a sign that something is passing through the awareness threshold........ ready to be addressed. Therapy will help you process what has come into your awareness

Committing to therapy is committing to YOU and your WELL BEING