Welcome to Okanagan Therapeutic Counselling

Welcome to Okanagan Therapeutic Counselling

Welcome to Okanagan Therapeutic CounsellingWelcome to Okanagan Therapeutic CounsellingWelcome to Okanagan Therapeutic Counselling

Resolution ....... not management! 250.212.5596

RESOLUTION...... not management !



Ezreena is an experienced Masters Therapeutic Counsellor (MTC) working with an array of issues including: trauma and abuse, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fears, disease & disorders, relationships, sports psychology


The therapeutic counselling process begins with some paperwork and telling Ezreena what is going for you. She will then help identify the main topics, explain how her approach will help you and describe any trauma therapy techniques that may be required. She creates a plan that will help you resolve your specific issues. Her counseling services focus on reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, anger, grief, fear and body disorders.  


Ezreena applies several techniques, that when used together, will help you feel better and function better: mentally, emotionally and physically


$120 per hour + gst (= $126 per hour)                                                                                                                     

Cash / Cheque / E-transfer


Some of the benefits of working with Ezreena include: reduced anxiety & depression, decreased fears, improved health and clarity, better sleep, increased motivation, higher self-esteem, greater success & money flows, expanded ease 

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Ezreena's office is conveniently located downtown at Pandosy & Leon (near Bernard Street)

The entrance is a glass door that says "1638 Professional Services"

You can text or phone her at:


5-1638 Pandosy Street, Kelowna BC  V1Y 1P8





Depression and anxiety often are the symptoms of some underlying incident that wasn't fully processed. Ezreena helps identify these sometimes buried memories and facilitates you to process them so the symptoms lessen / disappear


A lot of people think that Trauma must be a huge catastrophe in order to be considered traumatic. 

Childhood experiences are often over-looked, and yet create an imprint of distress.

We then use an adult brain to evaluate or compare the effect an event had on us mentally, emotionally and physically, and in doing so we minimize the impact, which alters the way we see ourselves, others and the world around us.

Each time a traumatic incident is fully processed the psychological distress gets discharged..... allowing the mind and body to heal


Many experiences in life do not get fully processed and are then left unresolved. Each time this happens there is an accumulation of "charge" (distress) which presents as "triggers". These triggers play out in relationships. 

Ezreena helps to "dis-charge" the triggers so that you can respond rather than react. Anger and resentment are indications of unresolved issues



Ezreena works one-on-one with Adults, Youth and children (when working with children she must work with the parents as well)



To IDENTIFY the underlying issues causing the symptoms (ex: anxiety) and help each client PROCESS those issues until they are RESOLVED, which allows you to feel better and function better!


Ezreena will provide a safe and confidential space that allows you to  speak freely in order to clear the issues that are keeping you stuck. She will always explain her approach so that you will feel comfortable with the process

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Okanagan Therapeutic Counselling

1638 Pandosy Street, Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y, Canada (Office #5)


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Hours are usually Monday through Friday 9:00-5:00 with certain evenings as well